Markets Technology

Design and Business-driven Specification

Building effective technology for global markets activity is demanding and requires extensive specialist knowledge. Adsatis consultants ensure that trading and eMarkets technology is delivered with the rich functionality and intuitive usability required by users. Our experience in trading, sales, risk and the myriad of middle office functions ensures that solutions are fit for purpose and are forward looking and flexible. Our experience means that unstated needs are addressed and expectations are exceeded.

Our expertise includes:

  • Cross Product Technology – Designing effective trading tools demands clear insight into traders’ needs and expectations. Pre-trade, pricing and management tools that increasingly range across products can benefit from a cross fertilisation of ideas.
  • Risk Management – The expansion of derivative exposures and an increasing need to understand risk exposures at point of trade demands increasing reliance on sophisticated risk management systems. We understand the requirements, the difficulties and the context in which this technology must perform.
  • eMarkets and STP – STP automation constantly struggles to keep up with the explosion of eExecution and the rapid standardisation and commoditisation of products. We work closely with our clients to manage change in order to exploit eMarkets opportunities and help mitigate risks.

Technology Implementation

As experienced market practitioners, Adsatis consultants already possess the necessary skill sets to provide in-house teams with practical support when they are over-stretched. We bring an immediate boost to capacity and provide real experience, objectivity and perspective.

Strategy and Planning

We have seen technology implementation across the industry and know that successful implementation can often be elusive. Our independent and balanced perspective has helped clients develop strategies and plans that build on industry best practice in order to fulfil their specific needs.

Project and Programme Management

Our consultants fully engage project and programme sponsors and ensure that all expectations are fully met. Effective change requires clear comprehension of current process limitations and excellent communication skills. We have delivered projects and programmes of all sizes in the technology supporting front and middle offices, through to operations, across all asset classes.

Business Analysis

Our consultants deliver straightforward and unambiguous business advice and analysis. They bring market perspective and objectivity. Adsatis gives you an expert practitioner alternative to the contract market and provides fully supported additional resource when it is most needed.