Data Management

Recent events and new regulatory requirements have further highlighted the importance of data management for financial organisations. The business imperatives to maximise process efficiency and optimise client relationships and/or resource utilisation are key drivers in their own right. The management of reference data underpins all aspects of this and Adsatis has unrivalled experience in this field. Good market data quality has also become an imperative for organisations. Regulation, including EMIR, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank, continue to impact its usage, handling, consumption and governance. It is essential that business and infrastructure strategies are aligned and efficiencies optimised.

Adsatis has many years’ experience delivering these results for top financial organisations. Our data management practice focuses specifically on helping organisations to improve technology and processes to enable them to optimise data sourcing and maintenance. This ensures the highest levels of data quality and helps to maximise process efficiency.

We have expertise in:

  • Data Governance – optimising and maintaining your organisation’s data assets
  • Regulatory requirements – KYC and AML, MiFID, Basel II/III, DFA and EMIR
  • Hierarchy Management – creation and maintenance of organisational groupings
  • Universal Identifier creation – cross referencing and matching
  • Corporate Actions – entities and securities
  • Data sourcing – entity data sourcing rules for 150 + countries
  • Data taxonomy and nomenclature – data dictionary


Our expertise covers the data content itself, its use across the organisation, and the process and technology that are required to support this. Our consultants are industry practitioners with consultancy experience who bring the knowledge acquired from our multiple engagements across the industry. These solutions can provide technology, process support and process management, either in combination or as individual components as required. Our experience includes the setup and ongoing management of offshore facilities. Our team has provided solutions that vary in scale from a few hundred records to those with multi-million data values.

The services that we offer include:

  • Data Management Audit – a snapshot analysis of current data management practice with recommendations on process improvements covering data quality, process control and technology
  • Business Analysis and Project Management – small teams or individual consultants to complete requirements specification, process analyses, vendor selection programmes, system implementation
  • Resourcing – We provide fully flexible resourcing solutions to help our clients manage peak load and subject matter expertise requirements. We can deploy experienced data processing operatives, business analysts and project/programme managers as required.


We offer outsourced solutions for:

  • Data cleansing and maintenance
  • Data integration and matching
  • Counterparty and Securities Management Systems