Providing strategy, advisory and implementation services enabling you to optimise your Client business, working with leading Commercial and Investment Banks and other financial markets organisations. Adsatis consultants have worked at leading financial institutions in Client facing roles and in business and change management. We have the industry insight, credibility and practical experience to improve your performance.

ClientCentricity areas of capability include:

Bespoke3 – Customised Research and Analysis

Providing highly customisable capability delivering detailed insight, analysis and actionable information to meet your unique Client needs:

  • Bespoke focus on specific products/geographies
  • Bespoke selection of your Clients
  • Bespoke choice of output format and timeframes

Objective: Improving business performance and building stronger and more profitable relationships with your Clients.

Bespoke3 consultants are highly experienced financial markets specialists with extensive experience of information gathering and client engagement. Successful track record of delivering high quality, detailed information and analysis to drive informed strategic decision making and bottom line revenue growth.

Sales and Client Evaluation and Management Information (MI)

Leading consultancy assessing and advising on Sales and Client evaluation and MI. Extensive experience with financial institutions designing solutions to measure performance and provide MI. Adsatis benchmarking studies assure thorough understanding of industry best practices.

Providing strategy and advice on all aspects of client evaluation and sales performance measurement and management, including:

  • Sales/Client revenue calculation
  • Client profitability analysis
  • Cross selling
  • Sales incentivisation
  • Change management including assisting buy-in, design, documentation and governance
  • Detailed business analysis including data sourcing, data mapping, data integration and aggregation, calculation methodologies
  • Programme/project management and implementation support, ensuring successful solution deployment

Client Management Advisory and Strategy

Advising Commercial and Investment Banks on optimising the Client strategy and Client management process, working with our Clients to define and coordinate change:

  • Advising on and defining Client strategy, resource deployment and optimisation including tiering and tail analysis
  • Establishing effective relationship management functions such as individual Client planning and strategy
  • Implementing/enhancing CRM technology ensuring use by line staff
  • Client onboarding and offboarding
  • Advising on Client data quality, governance and management

Data Science/Predictive Analytics

Through our partnership with Mango Solutions – a leading cross industry Data Science consultancy – Providing Clients with both technical expertise and domain expertise to identify opportunities and implement data science driven solutions:

  • Opportunity identification using alternative data for predictive analysis on Client behavior
  • Data engineering – sourcing, cleansing, streaming and integration
  • Analysis and reporting